This sounds similar to slices in TW2.
I used to add slices like

Description: *description of tiddler*

Then just the description could be transcluded in other tiddlers.  You 
could also transcluded sections using header titles.  The slices 
functionality seems to have been moved to data tiddlers in TW5 and section 
references removed all together.

Slices were a little awkward to work with sometimes. If you didn't want 
them visible in text you had to put them inside comments.  Same with 
sections.  OTOH, this allowed you to put multiple templates in the same 
tiddler and reference them individually.  This is sort of like TW5 plugin 
functionality, I guess.

I sort of took a break from TiddlyWiki between the transition from TW2 and 
TW5 so my TW2 knowledge is hazy now.  I suppose there are pros nd cons to 
both methods.

On Monday, April 2, 2018 at 6:59:52 PM UTC-4, Diego Mesa wrote:

> I think all of this would be made much simpler if there was a quick and 
> easy way to add/edit tiddler fields. SOmething like this in the body 
> textarea of a tiddler:
> (=myNewField
> bl h 
> asd
> sd
> sf
> sdf
> =)
> or in a special "field" textarea, collapsable right under the 
> textarea/body. 
> With this in place, yuo could easily crea/tedit/remove "fields" which are 
> in essence, structured/tagged portions of a tiddler (dont believe me, just 
> check a .tid file!)
> On Monday, April 2, 2018 at 8:27:48 AM UTC-5, TonyM wrote:
>> Vytas,
>> I totaly support Jeds points. 
>> Have you used the excise tool using the editor tool bar. This will help 
>> divide text into tiddlers while retaining a single view.
>> Regards
>> Tony

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