I mean this site http://j.d.material.muri.tiddlyspot.com/

seems that 
http://j.d.material.muri.tiddlyspot.com/ is not synchonized with

at http://j.d.material.muri.tiddlyspot.com/ 
zoomin story view mode is not as good as http://j.d.material.tiddlyspot.com/
there's no space between right side of story and vertical scroll bar
check these:

and at at http://j.d.material.muri.tiddlyspot.com/ 
there's swipe-area layer for swipe
and can not go back and forth between themes
check this:

btw just find that tiddlyspot.com is really good at reproducing problem
if I have a problem, make a demo site in 1 minute...

> by "swipe-area layer" do you mean the additional
> $:/themes/jd/Material/Template/SwipeArea tiddler?
> I can't replicate the problem. I can go back and forth between themes just
> fine (please see attached file)... please elaborate?

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