Am Sonntag, 8. April 2018 03:57:11 UTC+2 schrieb Mat:
> Then, to almost automatically create articles, put this in a conditional 
> viewtemplate 
> <>. This 
> means that all (and only) tiddlers tagged e.g "article" will show the 
> sub-section aggregation.
… With the downside that you are not able to define their sequence.

You would need to have a field in each tiddler which would define the order 
in which to transclude them and put a sort into your filter.

But I think you're making it too complicated.

Remember what I wrote? The "3 tiddler" are just one string which is used as 
a filter. So why not use your filter instead of using the filter to create 
a string and then using that string again as a filter? Want to try? Put 
trans-edit again into and create atiddler with this contents:


Still: There is no order. You would need an order field in each tiddler and 
then you could use something like:



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