The matter felt familiar so I checked one of my main TWs for "sizesort" 
and, sure enough;

<$list filter="[!is[system]!is[shadow]!lsort[]]">
<$macrocall $name="length" tiddler={{!!title}}/>
<$link><$view field=title/></$link><br>

Now, that "length" macro is apparently from this plugin by Thomas Elmiger:


do a search and you'll probably find it.

After those things were made, we now have a "count" filter operator. Maybe 
that can be used instead to not depend on that separate plugin... but on 
the other hand it might be much slower, I have no idea.


On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 6:55:12 AM UTC+2, SveRo wrote:
> Hi all,
> i've got TW5 v. 5.15 running.
> No includet PDF's, pics or something like that but the file has > 10Mb.
> I've tested some pluginns in the past, but removed the after testing.
> Just the "checklist plugin" is acive!
> Is there any possibility to check form what part the file size is comming?
> OR...
> Can i do "mass -export"of mytiddler to set up a comletely new TW5,
> but with the side-bar configuration i established?
> Many thank for your reply's
> Best Regards
> Sven

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