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Thomas Elmiger wrote:Pitfalls of Card UIs - 
> Many Wikis I know use the cards metaphor and as a TW user and/or designer 
> you might know some of the problems the author describes. 

That is a really interesting article on the Up and Downsides of adopting a 
visual metaphor of "the Card". It reflects some of the issues that came up 
in Is TiddlyWiki A Card Index System? 

One of the things that stands out is that designers often use the "Card" 
(ideally "cards" of equal size and proportion) to handle "discrete chunks", 
to find that the chunks are not that discrete* ... so add on linkage, or 
distort card sizes to be unequal.

I think its definitely the case that the "Card Index" metaphor has great 
appeal, both logistically and visually, but I think its equally important 
to see how often it is quickly breached. And when its breached, visually it 
doesn't really work so well. 

The question when its WHEN is its usage is really of benefit?

To give an example of usage that makes sense: Say you were Tweeting via 
TiddlyWiki ... well that does makes sense because every Tweet IS an 
inherent fragment of an absolute determined, invariable available length 
(280 characters). The question of linkage to an expansion of the Tweet does 
not arise. And there is a clear conceptual division between what the Tweet 
natively is and anything it references / links to. 

Not much is so tight as Twitter natively is. Mostly "Cards" tend to end up 
invoking "pages". Perhaps an exception is when the "card" is centrally an 
IMAGE. There the heft of the visual meaning subsides enough to resist 
clicking through to the next level?

Just thoughts

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