oh, yeah, that was pointed out in the official HammerWidgets page, too (the 
pointer events block). 

While I'm well inside the div, panning very slowly so the div keeps up, the 
iframe doesn't block the movement... which made me think of Surgery games 
and such.... which gave me the idea of the possibility of creating a game 
with this lol 

By the way, BTC... wait, maybe I'll post the rest of this thought over at 
the official thread--

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 9:17:25 PM UTC+9, BurningTreeC wrote:
> @JD 
> I think the problem is the changing content or too many things changing 
> there within at the same time and missing handling in my widgets
> I'll have to figure out how to handle that, I'm sure there's a lot of 
> potential to tweak and correct stuff ... I hope I can make them better, 
> I'll see and report when something changes to the good side
> Maybe someone can point me to a solution for refreshing the widget when 
> its content changes, I'll have to search around how other widgets do it...
> I've looked at fab.tiddlyspot.com, have you seen that the editor blocks 
> the movement of the button?
> That's because the iframe somehow eats the pointer events. For this, the 
> pan widget automatically creates a tiddler $:/state/dragging at pan-start 
> and deletes it at pan-end
> it's enough to put this in a stylesheet :
> <$list filter="[[$:/state/dragging]!is[missing]]">
> iframe {
>     pointer-events: none;
> }
> </$list>
> ..maybe add !important if it doesn't work without

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