Hi David, 

I tried Thomas' Details Widget <https://tid.li/tw5/hacks.html#DetailsWidget>, 
and it works for me by transcluding the content of other tiddlers into the 
"Details", then exporting only the parent tiddler.

The button widget (for "Close All" or "Open All") doesn't work, however... 
does this work for you? 

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 5:50:10 AM UTC+9, David Gifford wrote:
> Hi all
> Experimented today with exporting tiddlers to static html, but tiddlers 
> that have popups with content from other tiddlers.
> 1. At first I tried tooltips on hover. Worked great for my laptop. Got it 
> to look and function perfectly. Exported and uploaded it to 
> http://giffmex.org/experiments/hier.html, and it worked perfectly 
> accessing it online from my laptop. Then tried it on my iPad: no hover. 
> Clicking in one browser did nothing. Clicking in another browser opened the 
> tooltip but didn't allow me to close it. 
> 2. So I went back to the drawing board and tried button with on-click 
> modals. Again, worked fine in TiddlyWiki. But those don't work when 
> exporting to static, because they need the guts of TiddlyWiki to execute 
> the action.
> Is there a way around this impasse? My goal is to have a bare bones 
> outline, with hidden content that is revealed in popups, that works in 
> exported static htmls when accessed by mobile devices.

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