Hi Matt,
I found a way by revealing <audio autoplay src={{audio base64 encoded in a 
tiddler or index of data-tiddler}}>

I'm using that at tiddlypiano.tiddlyspot.com and musicsheets.tiddlyspot.com 

In combination with the <$press> widget at hammerwidgets.tiddlyspot.com 
it's a button that plays the audio when pressing it and stops when 
releasing - normal buttons simply play the whole audio file


see http://musicsheets.tiddlyspot.com/#sad-trombone.json for an example of 
a stored audio
encoding mp3 or other formats to base64 can be done in various ways
on linux terminal there's the base64 command, I think it's available on 
osx, too - if not then it's installable - or there are guis or online 


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