As you say "Whilst 8,000 Tiddlers of Tweets with tags that rely on 
filtering gets very slow" when looking at the specific case I realised the 
main thing searched for was the tweet, so in a tiddlywiki for this purpose 
why is it a secondary fields when it could be the title. Then in None 
single file implementation most searching will be the title of a "skinny 
tiddler" only.

In TWC the goto plugin was my favourite as first you search only titles 
then click to search content with the advanced search.

I would like to add back a title only search tool in TW5


On Monday, April 9, 2018 at 9:05:04 PM UTC+10, @TiddlyTweeter wrote:
> Ciao TonyM & all interested
> I do think that a "Rules Of Thumb" note on SCALABILITY could be very 
> useful.
> The issue is expressing it correctly. 
> So much of performance is an EMPIRICAL issue, that without testing variant 
> use cases, you can make TW look worse than it is. That is not a good idea.
> To give an example: Whilst 8,000 Tiddlers of Tweets with tags that rely on 
> filtering gets very slow, a TW with addresses for 8,000 external images of 
> which the next displayed is calculated via a random number it is fine. In 
> the first case you got a lot of processing & rendering. In the second you 
> don't.
> To be useful guidance on Scalability I think needs informing by testing by 
> Best wishes
> Josiah
> TonyM wrote:
>> ... Perhaps we should start a discussion specifically on settings and 
>> tools for large wikis?
>> ... When it come to scale there are a number of performance issue's, one 
>> of which NoteSelf solved by showing the  "Loading" message before TW can 
>> respond at all.  What I quickly realised is when you have a lot of 
>> tiddlers, quite a few assumptions made in a regular tiddlywiki's, for 
>> features and responsiveness are no longer valid. Such as a search that 
>> responds keystroke by keystroke.
>> There is no reason why we can't supply some tools to support such large 
>> data-sets. 
>> ... What I suggest is we bundle a range of settings together, perhaps in 
>> a plugin designed to reconfigure TiddlyWiki for larger data sets...

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