> would you mind trying out the updated theme on the main Tiddlywiki site, or 
> on Empty edition?

hi, it's my pleasure

just tried your current version 0.3.53 
on both the main Tiddlywiki site and Empty edition

I think everything is OK now. 

one thing:
in the default Color theme
the color of the "Save" button is highlighted, 
and after making some change, the "Save" button is grayed out

I think maybe it'd be more natural for an indicator 
to be highlighted when there's change 
and be grayed out when there's no change

anyway I see this color can be simply changed at ControlPanel "Material Tweak", 
"Colors of save-wiki dirty indicator on Tools sidebar"
so it's not really a problem.

another thing:
to "Make it swipable / tappable"
> Swipe from the left edge of the screen to open the sidebar (and from the 
> right edge of the screen to close it)

on popular mobiles like Apple iPhones Safari this gesture is already used as 
Back and Forward for navigation history

maybe swipe from middle ... just a thought.

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