You'll find here http://archipel.tiddlyspot.com, a new proof of concept of 
D3 plugin(V5) for TiddlyWiki (there are still some bugs and a lot to do 
before having a reliable plug-in)

As you can see, my target is to display a dynamic visualization of the TW 
table of content, and to associate a color code to each tiddler depending 
on the knowledge maturity (color of a tag)

The mechanism is the following:
* a TW macro generates a a csv interpreted text in a tiddler (kTree macro)
* another macro, activated by a button, wikifies it to have pure csv text 
tiddler (KMapRoot.csv)
* a javaScript macro uses D3 plugin and the previous csv to generate the 

My question is : 

Is there a way to *avoid clicking the button* ? I wish I could have an 
automatic update of the graph as soon as any tiddler is updated...

Thank you for your help, 

Do not hesitate to share your comment on this POC in general


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