Hello everyone,
I would like to add a tag to the current tiddler via a SelectWidget that 
offers a filtered list of tags/tiddlers.

The filter selects all the tiddlers tagged with "prj" and I would like the 
current tiddler to be tagged with the selected item (one of the tiddlers 
tagged with "prj")

The solution I've come up so far is the following:

<$select  field='tags'>
<$list filter='[tag[prj]]'>
<option><$view field='title'/></option>

My current problem with this solutions is that all the tags are removed and 
substituted with the one derived from the SelectWidget. I would like, 
instead, to retain all the existing tag and just add the selection from the 
SelectWidget to the tags.

Any idea on how to achieve the desired behavior?


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