My general advice would be not to use it, it is an abandoned project. 

Standalone version creates its own titles using unique ID macro. That is 
why it is incompatible with the imported Tiddlers. 

On Saturday, 14 April 2018 10:51:50 UTC+5:30, MrsJB Wells wrote:
> Thanks so much for the quick reply. I've been using GSD5 for years and 
> decided on a change. I want to import all the open actions from GSD5 to the 
> Tekan One but when I do they don't appear anywhere on the board. That's why 
> I was going to try and go into the back and sort it out. I've read all 
> notes that can be found [if you google various versions of Tekan TW5] but 
> can't seem to find a way. Would you have any advice on how I could import 
> the tiddlers?

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