As an IT Professional I have migrated, configured and Built SharePoint and 
Office 365 platforms for Businesses. Most of you will know how committed I 
am to TiddlyWiki,

Office 365 is an excellent cloud based hosting environment and I believe if 
TiddlyWiki was integrated it would be a great opportunity to implement 
TiddlyWiki in a business environment, and may provide a profitable return.

   - I would like to integrate TiddlyWiki if possible and have recently 
   uncovered some key pieces of understanding.
   - One of these is renaming tiddlywiki.html files to tiddlywiki.aspx to 
   open them within Office 365 Online.
   - Office 365 can serve files via webdav, out of libraries and other 
   methods but I would be keen to get it to save back to the SharePoint 
   - I am looking for collaborators who have TiddlyWiki Saver knowledge., 
   Microsoft aspx or  perhaps with SharePoint Coding experience.

Please Let me know here or at anthony.muscio at the domain if 
you are interested. Or share any knowledge you have relating to this.


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