On Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 6:07:55 PM UTC-7, David Gifford wrote:
> 1) Unless I am mistaken, this doesn't improve that much on using the new 
> here button with the table of contents. You just title the child tiddler 
> before creating, whereas with the new here button you do the same in the 
> opposite order. It is slightly easier to grasp for newbies, though.

If it's working correctly, when you make the new tiddler it should appear 
inside the TOC "tree". If it's appearing outside the tree then you are 
probably using a slightly older version of TW. With this mechanism, you 
could quickly make the outline of whatever text you are preparing, drilling 
down layer by layer.

> 2) I don't think this will scale in TiddlyWiki like it does in Dynalist or 
> Workflowy.

I think many people would be able to get along with a couple thousand 
entries, and I expect it to scale to that.


> 3) The children are not present when opening the tiddler the way child 
> notes are visible when zooming in to a node in Dynalist and Workflowy.

Guess I'd have to take another look at WF and DYN.

> 4) What makes Dynalist and Workflowy so appealing is that every paragraph 
> of text is a separate node that can be reordered. And you can zoom into any 
> level of the outline to focus on that level.

Opening and closing the branches of the tree, you can get some level of 
granularity and focus. Obviously one guy working a few hours on a project 
can't do as much as entire teams of programmers. I'm sort of thinking it 
might inspire someone to take it to the next level.

> I don't write this to be nitpicky or negative. I just don't want to see 
> you wasting your time trying to make TiddlyWiki into an outliner. I don't 
> see that it could compete, but then Dynalist and Worklowy can't compete 
> with TiddlyWiki in many areas.

Let me try Diego Mesa's argument on you:

...if you buy into the TW philosophy that its your external brain - that 
>> you place all information that is somewhat important to you into TW - it 
>> only makes sense that it would have some mechanism to help you remember 
>> certain key pieces. 
For me, Dynalist and WF are no-goes because they can't work offline. OK, I 
guess DL has a windows app, but it's kind of nice to get away from app's. 
Their Android apps unfortunately do not work on my aging mobile devices. I 
think images are important, and neither work with images without adding 

Overall though, this was just an experiment. I probably won't take it 
further unless some interest is expressed. Meanwhile I'll be looking with 
interest at what zemoxian, JD and the others come up with.


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