They are shortcuts, because the long version would be way to much to type ;)

On Monday, April 16, 2018 at 9:24:02 AM UTC+2, peuhpeuh singe wrote:
> Like in "*tm-*navigate" ?


> In ".*tc*-tab-buttons" ?



In TiddlyWiki most "core names" are just naming conventions. ... 

The core UI eg: needs to assign some HTML classes to style UI-elements. One 
of them is a styling "tab-buttons". 

In normal cases a developer would use a class name like "tab-buttons" ... 
BUT ... 
Since TW is highly tweakable, and our users are changing almost every 
aspect of the UI, the "risk" is high that .tab-buttons would be used by a 
So if "the core" UI would use the same name, it would interfere with a user 
defined setting. .... That's why tiddlywiki base classes use a prefix: tc-  
... for HTML classes. 

Which also means. Users *should _NOT define new_  *tc-, tm-, tw-, tv- ... 
tx-  prefixes. Only use them. 

As a plugin author I use my own "namespace" for new stuff: Just follow the 

In the early days TW used tw- as a prefix for many different things. eg: 
tw-tab-buttons, tw-navigate, ... and so on. ... AS you can see this can get 
confusing for core devs now, since it mixes "class" and "message" names ... 

That's why the naming was changed in 5.0.16-beta 

Hope that clarifies things a bit :)

have fun!

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