Thank you for sharing! A wonderful photo slider.

Just to note that, this is nice slider for image gallery.
Here we wish to have a plugin to be able to prepare slides for presentation 
like beamer and powerpoint.


On Friday, May 18, 2018 at 4:19:46 AM UTC+4:30, Ed wrote:
> Dear All,
> Talking about *slideshows* we should not forget what* sini-kit* made, she 
> said:
> "I make simple slideshows for my tw5 sites here is demo in static variant 
> http://heeg.ru/
> html code you can see here http://heeg.ru/heeg.html#slider1 and css here 
> http://heeg.ru/heeg.html#%24%3A%2F_aa.giff%2FSlideshow3
> and variant with buttons http://heeg.ru/heeg.html#slider2 css here 
> http://heeg.ru/heeg.html#%24%3A%2F_aa.giff%2FStyleSheetTopic4
> this sliders are pure css no js need."
> Link: 
> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/TiddlyWiki/talkytalky%7Csort:date/tiddlywiki/Pr0J3Kx02h0/eiNacd-6AgAJ
> Especially variant with buttons I like very much!
> Спасибо, Таня!!
> Op dinsdag 15 mei 2018 06:19:17 UTC+2 schreef Mohammad:
>> Based on @TonyM idea I appreciate all people in this group to help 
>> collecting all TW resources on the application of Tiddlywiki for 
>> presentation and slisw sow.
>> This can be later used in the @TonyM resource collection.
>> I have listed below those I have found from this forum. Please complete
>>    - *TalkyTalky*:                                    
>>    https://tiddlywiki.com/talkytalky/
>>    - *Showroom:*                                   
>>    http://showroom.tiddlyspot.com/
>>    - *WizardWizard:*                              
>>    https://ooktech.com/TiddlyWiki/WizardWizard/
>>    - *SlidesnStories (presnter):*           
>>    http://slidesnstories.tiddlyspot.com/#About

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