On Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 8:45:36 PM UTC+2, Mohammad wrote:
> So, I appreciate if you kindly explain me why you have used pure.css 

I used it, because it is simple and doesn't need any javascript to work 
with it. I did like the landing-page, the photo-gallery and the 

and is there any plan to adopt in in TW? 

I think, with a bit of work we could modify the e-mail layout, to view 
tidlers in a completely different way as now. ... With a little bit of js 

I'm talking about exported static pages here!!!

> If not do you recommend to use it?

I want to use it for "TiddlyWiki as a static site generator" as mentioned 
in the last video. ... But there is some more work needed. I hope I can 
post the next video soon!

Using pure-css with the TiddlyWiki SPA ... I think it would be possible. 
... BUT ... If I would start with a new theme for TW I'd use a grid-based 
layout, based on native "grid-css" 

IMO this would be the most work, but has a lot of potential. 

I personally would like to have CSS-based responsive menues for the TW SPA. 


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