> PMario: And I would develop it on my own. I think most existing frameworks 
> have no idea, what is needed for TW, because the have been developed for a 
> different target audience. ... They will only step on our feet. 

This is right. I mean PMario is correct to the reality. I DO understand 
visiting Bootstrap and other CSS ideas is helpful. I really can't see how, 
in the end, however, their methods are anything but adding complexity you 
really do not need.

As I mentioned some posts back, I think Thomas Elmiger's BRICKS is helpful 
as it organises TW CSS classes in a way that makes TW CSS easier to work 

Fact is a web page, like TW, has styling already and the easiest route is 
(1) study it; (2) tweak from a foundation of knowledge of (1). 

Best wishes

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