Attempting to use an empty 5.1.17 TW on AndTidWiki, I get the following 
message upon loading:

Syntax error in boot module $:/core/modules/savers/put.js: 
Unexpected identifier SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier at eval (native) 
at <error: TypeError: Object #<error> has no method '__lookupGetter__'> at 
(file:///storage/extSdCard/andtidwiki/empty517.html:9713:15) at 
file:///storage/extSdCard/andtidwiki/empty517.html:9753:30 at <error: 
TypeError: Object #<error> has no method '__lookupGetter__'> at 
(file:///storage/extSdCard/andtidwiki/empty517.html:9752:12) at 
SaverHandler.initSavers (eval at <anonymous> 
<anonymous>:120:14) at new SaverHandler (eval at <anonymous> 
<anonymous>:30:8) at Object.exports.startup (eval at <anonymous> 
<anonymous>:126:21) at <error: TypeError: Object #<error> has no method 

It looks like something is happening down in the savers (even though I 
didn't invoke the saver).

Anyone else seeing this problem?

-- Mark

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