Hey dude, I created two new (minimal) palettes, called Spartan Day and 
Spartan Night ☺️

You can find them here: http://j.d.palette.tiddlyspot.com/


On Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 9:53:34 AM UTC+9, talha131 wrote:
> I have observed people have shared their plugins and themes. But so far, I 
> haven’t found any one sharing the color palettes. Even this quite 
> comprehensive dynalist <https://dynalist.io/d/zUP-nIWu2FFoXH-oM7L7d9DM> 
> has some themes but no palettes.
> From Google I landed on these palettes.
> http://j.d.simplemobile.tiddlyspot.com/
> Understandably, palettes are easy, if not the easiest, customisable aspect 
> of TiddlyWiki. But it still requires tweaking 103 colors. If palettes are 
> shared like themes and plugins, then it would be a time saver.
> ​

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