An idea for the packing/unpacking mechanism :using the getTiddlerAsJson 
function (in $:/core/modules/wiki.js).

var jsonString=this.wiki.getTiddlerAsJson(title);

This function returns a JSON string of the fields of a tiddler.

You can do this for each related tiddler ant put the strings inside fields.

To unpack you only have to use JSON.Parse(JsonString) and then use the 
saveTiddler function to re-create the tiddler.

Thanks to DanieloRodriguez's Encrypt Tiddler Plugin where I discovered 
these functions working in a widget (



Le jeudi 9 août 2018 17:26:24 UTC+2, Mark S. a écrit :
> I haven't seen the comments plugin, so pardon me if this idea is 
> unoriginal. It occurs to me that you could have a "packer" button that 
> takes all tiddlers related to a current tiddler, and packs them into 
> fields. Then when you export the tiddler, all the supporting tiddlers go 
> with it. Later, an unpacker button would extract the fields.
> -- Mark
> On Thursday, August 9, 2018 at 7:26:17 AM UTC-7, Mohammad wrote:
>> Hello Mark!
>>  Thank you, yes I thought the same to have a customized export button!
>> By the way I learned from comments pluging in pre-release 5.1.18 how I 
>> can have my note edit box in the view mode not in the edit mode.
>> You asked to whom you want to export? It is good to export a slideshow 
>> with its all slides and notes as json file as archive, and distribute for 
>> example to students!
>> But as you said there is always problem to keep everything related with 
>> together!
>> I will have a look at PMario bundler plugin!
>> *Mohammad*

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