Hi, I'm back with some updates on this front:

I'm splitting SelectMode into "Story" and "Sidebar" Modes.
It can already be tested on selectmode.tiddlyspot.com
The new sidebar mode lets you cycle through the sidebar tabs and enables 
specific actions for the currently open tab. At the moment only the 
"Recent" tab has actions defined (selecting a tiddler from the list and 
opening it in the story river) - but I'll add actions for the other tabs, 

Activate sidebar-mode using "alt-Right" or "alt-Backquote" (which is 
alt-Odiaeresis on my german keyboard)
In sidebar-mode, use "T" to cycle through the tabs
In the recent tab, use "J" or "Left" to select the tiddler above the 
selected one and "Backquote" or "Right" to select the one after the 
currently selected one. "Enter" opens the selected tiddler.
Note that those shortcuts are only enabled when the "Recent" tab is 
selected, which allows for using the same keys for the different tabs, but 
with different actions.


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