Consider the below macro.
It gets a filter and a JSON tiddler and adds all tiddlers from filter 
output to the JSON tiddler.

\define sl-macro(filter,tiddler)
<$button set=<<stateTid>> setTo="hide"> Select all
<$list filter=<<__filter__>> variable="Item">
<$action-setfield $tiddler=<<__tiddler__>> $index=<<Item>> 

No consider the below example
It has a textbox to get a filter from user and then call sl-macro

placeholder="filter search"
<$macrocall $name=sl-macro filter="[subfilter{state/myExmp}]" 

This works fine! *My question* is when I change the filter in a text box 
and try to add new set of selected tiddlers,
still the previous selection is there (in the JSON tiddler) I use the 
selected tiddler somewhere else for further processing!
Is there any way to detect the new filter in the textbox and remove the 
previous selection from JSON tiddler?!


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