A little convoluted, but this works:

.u { list-style-type:upper-alpha; }
.l { list-style-type:lower-alpha; }
.r { list-style-type:upper-roman; }
.n { list-style-type: none;   margin: 0;   padding: 0; }

*.u How
**.l about
***.r that!
****.n Your
***.r fancy
**.l list
*.u  works

A. How
     a. about
          I.  that!
          II. fancy
     b. list
B. works

The WikiText interpretation of a period charachter after the ** *takes what 
follows the period as a "class" attribute.

 *.u How
<li class="u">How<ul>

Hope that helps in some way.


On Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 12:15:24 AM UTC+7, passingby wrote:
> Hello Mervin,
> In my use case the lists are just one or two liners items, they do not 
> deserve to go into separate tiddlers of their own. But your use of html tag 
> and list widget is surely useful in other cases.
> Thank you

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