Ciao Mohammad

I really appreciate the modularity.

I think in some ways SNR may need an additional (add-on?) module for 
teaching how to get the best from Regular Expressions?

I'm thinking about it.

I found a way to get around many of the issues with the current  diff. 
engine (the issues of which I comment on GitHub soon). 

Which is to preload Match & Replace for the user. 

It is how to LOAD examples to all the state tiddlers I am trying to work 

At the moment without that its hard to control the replace enough to be 

Many thanks

On Thursday, 14 March 2019 16:55:01 UTC+1, Mohammad wrote:
>  I think tiddler Commander now is enough stable to be released as a 
> plugin! I would ask Jeremy to see the possibility to distribute it as an 
> Commander has
>    1. Bulk tiddler creation/deletion
>    2. Tag operation (add, remove, replace)
>    3. Field operation (add, remove, set value)
>    4. *SNR*, search and replace in all fields including text, tags, 
>    *title, *and common fields)
>    5. *Inspect*, to inspect bunch of tiddlers in one place, scroll among 
>    them and edit all fields, tag, common fields (title is an exception!)
>    6. log, Commander create a logs of all operations
>    7. Search, Commander lets *save and load* any combination of filter 
>    search
> Tiddler Commander is a Swiss Knife. It will be a useful tool both for 
> developers and users.
> The below is the last update before packing into Commander plugin!
> I highly appreciate your feedback. I will add documentation in two levels 
> (developer docs and user docs) but this will be the next activity!
> *Tiddler Commander has new update*
>> Demo: * 
>> <>*
>> *Major update: 14th March 2019*
>> *Critical change*: Tiddler Commander search now needs two steps
>>    - Enter a filter expression in the filter search box
>>    - Click the search icon right of search box to apply the search 
>>    criteria to enable Commander batch operation1
>>    - FIXED: Search and Select tiddlers now are seated together
>>    - NEW: numberof tiddlers matches and selected are shown
>>    - New: Help tab was added
>>    - New: Clear search box will clear selected selections
>>    - New: Select none in Select tiddlers will clear selected tiddlers
>>    1. The reason is, when filter search is changed, the selected 
>>    tiddlers are still there! So, it needs to clear the previous selection on 
>>    new search criteria!
> Best regards
> Mohammad 
> *Footenote*
> Original posts
> Thread 1: 
> Thread 2:  
> *Project demo page: ** 
> <>*

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