I have a bunch of tiddlers that I use to import in every new wiki I set up. 
Some of them overrides shadows tiddlers from the core as well as from other 
plugins. I decided to organize all of these into a new plugin saved in the 
tiddliwiki/plugins/mau folder, to serve all of my existing and coming wikis 
via tiddlywiki.info.

I found few cases where tiddlers overriding other shadows tiddlers were 
ignored and the active tiddler was the one coming from the original plugin. 
I solved forcing the plugin-priority. The question is: having a shadow 
tiddler stored twice, with the same title, in two different plugins, with 
no plugin-priority defined, how can I guess which one will be used to build 
the wiki? I wonder which the general rule is, since I had some cases where 
I needed to force plugin-priority and others which work as I expected, 
despite plugin-priority was not defined.

As I said, my case is node.js with plugins served via tiddlywiki.info, but 
I expect that a single file does not make difference. Or not?

Thanks in advance,


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