My personal Tiddlywiki has hundreds of tiddlers each containing a single 
quotation (some just a few words, others entire excerpts with several 
paragraphs), from various authors. I'm trying to create a template into 
which I pass in both the quote, and the author's name. I want to display 
the quote, with attribution, in some specific, preformatted way, that is 
consistent throughout my Tiddlywiki. I also want the original tiddlers 
which contain the quotes to display this preformatted text. Basically, I 
want exactly what I get when I use the above template (in the OP), except I 
don't want to have to keep the quote, and attribution each in a field of 
their own. I'd like to keep them somewhere in the main text-box.

Why? One reason is that as I said, some of these quotes consist of multiple 
paragraphs, and you cannot easily insert a multi-paragraph string into a 
field. Another reason is that the boxes into which you input a field's 
contents (value) only display ~60 characters at a time.

If this is the only way, or the best way to do it, then so be it, but if 
there is another, better way, I'd like to know what it is.

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