Hi folks, 

I did just release a WebDav PUT saver plugin 
<https://wikilabs.github.io/editions/webdav-lm/>, which has a slightly 
different behaviour than the core. 

This plugin is *BETA *at the moment. -> Please test and give feedback here 
or at github [1].

   - This plugin takes precedence over the core WebDav saver if installed! 
   - WebDav-lm uses "last-modified" and "if-unmodified-since" HTTP header 
   infos, to detect if a file has been overwritten. 
      - It allows server side compression -> *Main reason why I did create 
      - I did test it with IIS (Internet Information Service) server with 
   - FireFox, Edge and IE 11 worked

*PS - If you USE it: Support it <https://www.paypal.me/PMarioJo> :) *

Have fun!

[1] https://github.com/wikilabs/plugins/issues

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