On Thursday, April 4, 2019 at 5:31:16 PM UTC+2, Mohammad wrote:
> Many thanks Mario!
> I will have a look and inform you how it works for me!

I did a little bit more testing. 

 - The minimum "backup period" is 10 minutes. 
 - Triggering a manual "Backup run" is not trivial, since the setting is 
"hidden well" in the config dialogues.
 - The initial setup contains a lot of "useless default settings / 
    - So I needed to disable them 1 by 1, which is annoying. 
    - I did test with a 10GByte virtual drive. The default filled it about 
50% :/
    - The good thing is. Drive E: is accessible with the file explorer and 
can delete that stuff
 - I did set the whole drive E: to be compressed, which should give a lot 
more space, since tiddlers can be compressed very well 

Just some thoughts. 


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