You might explain your requirements a little bit more.

It sounds like you want something like familymember-1, familymember-2...etc

The thing is, that's probably going to be harder to work into reports and 
solutions down the road. Why not have a list field, family-members, 
pointing to other people like:

[[Ted Jones]] [[Doug Jones]] [[April Smith]] ...

Good luck!

On Thursday, August 15, 2019 at 5:31:26 PM UTC-7, Chris wrote:
> So when adding new tiddlers if there is already a tiddler called "New 
> Tiddler" the new one is "New Tiddler 1". 
> Is there anyway to do that but with field names? via the button widget? 
> and possibly tie in inputs that the new field can be populated? ( ex. 
> "field-1": "", "field-2": "", etc )
> I found this in old discussion ( [tw] Possible to create a button to add 
> incremental field? ) from 5 yrs ago in which Jed Carty offered this code 
> <$button>New Field
> <$action-setfield $field={{!!count}} $value=<<whatevervalueyouwant>>/>
> <$action-increment $field='count' $increment=1 $prefix='field-'/>
> </$button>
> I found that when I took out $value and left blank instead of populating 
> the count field with "field-#" it will create a new field called 'field-1' 
> . . . well it was doing it last night not anymore. 
> <$button>New Field
> <$action-setfield $field={{!!count}} $value="" />
> <$action-increment $field='count' $increment=1 $prefix='field-'/>
> </$button>
> Working on project which I want to list participants ( ex. family members 
> living in a residence during a given date like a Census record ) which 
> could vary from one to like ten or more. I would like to not add a bunch of 
> fields that may or may not be used, but have the ability to add as needed. 

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