In the USA/Texas, About 4/5 times I say "TiddlyWiki" to someone, they seem 
disgusted. At least 2 of those times they'll outright say "that's a 
horrible name". 
I agree that renaming TiddlyWiki shouldn't be a top priority, and it might 
not even be worth the switching cost. But given that "tiddler" makes so 
many people think "active pedophile", I'd say renaming the project at the 
first practical opportunity is a good idea.

On Saturday, September 24, 2016 at 9:04:17 PM UTC-5, David Szego wrote:
> Hope this doesn't offend, especially Jeremy, but it's due to common 
> reactions in conversations lately. 
> When I've been showing my Cardo project to people, and explaining that 
> it's based on this awesome self-contained javascript development 
> environment in a single html file that lets you completely contain your 
> entire knowledge store in a wikified hypercard sort of metaphor etc. etc. 
> called "TiddlyWiki"...
> ...the reaction I get is usually along the lines of one raised eyebrow, a 
> bit of a disgusted look, and the words "Tiddly winkie?" repeated back to me.
> I get that "Tiddler" is probably a very fine British term (I'm assuming?) 
> meaning a reminder, or something.... but here in Canada at least, just 
> saying Tiddler or Tiddly reeks of pedophilic abuse. Especially with the 
> extremely unfortunately paired term "wiki", which ends up making it all 
> sound too much like "diddlywinkie" - "playing with your peepee."
> That's a big part of why I called it "Cardo". And let's face it - TW 
> Classic and TW5 are basically the amazing evolution of Apple's Hypercard. I 
> have a hard time even typing "Tiddler" in these forums, let alone saying 
> it, but no problem talking about "Cards", which they essentially are, by 
> look and feel as well as by function.
> So... Maybe the next evolution of TW should be towards something more 
> user-adoptable, like calling it WikiCards or something?
> Again, sorry to offend... but judging by the reaction I get when talking 
> about the tool, (no innuendo intended there!!), I can't be the only one.
> Cheers,
> David.

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