All, I've been working on TiddlyServer, software for managing multiple 
wikis on your local box.  I've been using the tiddlywiki command line 
commands in various places, like so:
    var $tw = require("tiddlywiki/boot/bootprefix.js").bootprefix();
    delete $tw.browser;
    var server = require("tiddlywiki/boot/boot.js").TiddlyWiki($tw);
    server.boot.argv = ['/path/to/wikifolder, '--init', 'server']

Unfortunately, this way of invoking the command line functions isn't 
synchronous, and I don't know how to tell when it completes.  In this 
specific situation, I'm invoking rendertiddlers to try to extract the 
tiddlers from a wikifile into a wikifolder, before I start a server serving 
that wikifolder.  The extraction is working fine, after a bit of testing, 
but the server starts before the extraction completes, and thus doesn't 
pick up and handle the extracted files.  

I'm wondering if there's any way to tell when server.boot.boot() and all 
it's subtasks has completed?

Matt Lauber

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