Is there a fix that can be manually applied to fix the issue? Ultimately I 
would like to use TW for outlining notes. For example:

# Level 1
# Level 2
# Level 2.1
# Level 2.2
# Level 3

Clicking the ordered list button, this currently should REMOVE the outlining. I 
would like to select the lines Level 2.1 & Level 2.2 and advance the outlining 
so it now will look like this:

# Level 1
# Level 2
## Level 2.1
## Level 2.2
# Level 3

The reverse would also be useful, allowing selected outline text to be demoted 
down a level. Possibly icons like >> or << .

This option would likely require two new buttons and each would have to detect 
the outline type (ordered vs unordered list) above the selected text.

Currently the list buttons only add "* " or "# " to the existing outline, but 
the formatting is incorrect since it inserts a space between lists ("* * " or 
"# # ") rather then the correct formatting ("** ""## ").

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