I just opened issue #3117:

Please compare the descriptions of the parameter of the "sort" and "each" 
operator. They both state:

F = the name of a field, defaulting to title

Nevertheless, the output of these tiddlers is different if you put it into 
a "New tiddler":

<$list filter="[[New Tiddler]] [[test]] +[sort[]]">

<$list filter="[[New Tiddler]] [[test]] +[each[]]">



"each" will silently drop "test" as it is not existing and thus has no real 
"title" field, while "sort" will happily sort "test". "sort" will even do 
it when you call it as "+[sort[title]]".

We should resolve inconsistencies like this.

My PR #3116 <https://github.com/Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5/pull/3116> doesn't 
help much in this inconsistency, as it treats "each[]" and "each[title]" 

My Proposal is to either define that each non-existing tiddler has a title 
field (like "search" does) or that they don't in which case we should treat 
any "operator[]" differently than "operator[title]".

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