On Monday, February 19, 2018 at 8:14:25 AM UTC+1, Tristan Kohl wrote:
> thank you for the hint, seems like I was looking at the wrong place :)

How should you know :)

> It seems to be somewhat of a official documentation, is that the case?

Kind of. ... TiddlyWiki is a reference implementation for a tiddler based 
data store, where every resource is uniquely reachable with an URI. 

It was used as the basis for tiddlyspace, which sadly was closed down early 
last year. 

Recipes and bags are basically a "concept" to manage multiple tiddler 
stores ... aka bags

If a recipe contains several bags, the contained tiddlers are "stacked". 
The further down in the list, the higher the priority. 
So the last bag will overwrite tiddlers from bags above it. 
This concept is very powerful. 

Eg: Having a bag, that contains your standard plugins, which is included 
into all of your recipes. 
So changing this bag will update all your recipes .... 

As you can see <https://tank.peermore.com/tanks/tiddlyweb/recipe>, a recipe 
is a list of bags with filters. At tank.peermore.com you can get a list of 
all public recipes like this: 


There is a test-tw5 recipe, https://tank.peermore.com/recipes/test-tw5.txt 
that contains 

desc: test tiddlywiki 5
policy: {"read": [], "create": [], "manage": ["pmario"], "accept": [], "write": 
[], "owner": "pmario", "delete": []}

and 2 bags. 



The bag: test-tw5 can be seen with: 

So it lists my public tiddlers. 

A bag has a policy too, which can only be seen as json like this: 

If you use https://tank.peermore.com/bags/test-tw5  ... you'll get an html 
representation of a bag, with limited interaction. Just check it out. 


The sad thing is: *the nodejs server doesn't know anything about this 
mechanisms*, except "default" recipe and "default" bag, to be able to 
re-use an existing tiddlyWeb adapter.
It only implements the most basic interaction between TW and a rudimentary 
file based datastore. 

It was designed to be a test-server only, and nobody should have used it 
for production. 

have fun!

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