Hey Steven, 

Take a look at 
this:  https://tiddlywiki.com/#Plugin%20Information%20Tiddlers

In short, you can include documentation tiddlers in the plugin.  In order 
to do so, they must start with the name of the plugin, so in this case 
$:/plugins/skeeve/action-incrment/ and in the plugin.info file in the list 
field add the remainder of the name. 

So for example, to add a readme to your action-increment widget.  You would 
need to:

   1. Create a tiddler named $:/plugins/skeeve/action-incrment/readme and 
   add the desired text to it. 
   2. edit plugin.info file and set the list field equal to "readme"

The standard documentation requested is a readme file and a license file  
to implement both you'd have list: "readme license"

On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 2:56:54 AM UTC-5, Stephan Hradek wrote:
> Thanks to Matthew Lauber I've managed to put my first action widget plugin 
> online https://skeeve.github.io/tw5-plugins
> More will come.
> But now how would I put the documentation into the plugin?
> Is there any standard yet?
> Just if you're curious. The widget is called like this:
> <$action-increment $reference="<textreference>"/>
> and it will increment the first number it finds stored in the 
> textreference.
> so "1" will become "2"
> "test 007" will become "test 008"
> "2 fast 4 u" will become "3 fast 4 u"

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