I can loosely commit some time to furthering this. If I could ask you to 
Join Yammer at and we continue the 
conversation in a group,

However I am sure a few of the above requirements will need some deeper 
developer skills.

Another thing I realised the other day is it is the individual TiddlyWiki, 
who wishes to subscribe to a source, thus the only place a subscription 
action need exist is there, all a server or core wiki needs is to serve the 
shared wikis. However we could share skeleton tiddlers which contain the 
url to where they are hosted. 

If we can trigger a recognition that a change has taken place in tiddler(s) 
that this wiki is subscribed to with low overheads then I think with a 
logical layer on top we will have it.


On Monday, June 11, 2018 at 8:15:55 PM UTC+10, Mat wrote:
> Tony
> First, if you're up for it; let us (you and I) set up something together 
> to see how far we can get. I could start with this in about a week or two 
> from now. How about you? Anyone else interested?
> But generally; I agree that what I am calling for is the, as you put it, 
> "ultimate integrated transfer or subscriptions process" because that, 
> actually, is what I think IS needed. It may well be that we're 98% there 
> but then what I'm asking is *what are those last 2%?* What is missing? 
> And why there is so little discussion about it? I believe it is the key to 
> a new era of creativity in the TiddlyVerse but maybe I'm naive and 
> disregard fundamental problems?
> <:-)

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