Dear Friends,

I made an announcement about a new version of Ipfs with TiddlyWiki I lately 
published in the TiddlyWiki group:!topic/tiddlywiki/2ZE6akzLg8I

I wanted to make more technical announcements on this group.

The plugin is able to dynamically load two libraries to keep the smallest 
possible size to be persisted over Ipfs.
The idea here is to offer a nice read-only experience.
The js-ipfs-http-client <> is 
loaded on demand when a user want to save its wiki.

I currently load on demand ethers <> 
and retrieve the injected web3 library from Metamask to interact with the 
Ethereum network.
This is going to change soon following the Metamask recent post:
Their schedule is tight as they plan to shutdown their web3 library 
injection mid-december this year.
They will provide their new api the 25/11.

We discussed with Mario and Jeremy about the idea to chain saver's priority.
Mario wanted to chain all the savers while Jeremy doubted about this 
In fact I faced a situation where was so stuck that I was unable 
to save a document, it was a dead end.
I implemented what I think a solution in the middle.
To unlock this dead end I expose through the saver settings the Ipfs saver 
That way a user can easily save its wiki over Ipfs and keep a local copy.
I signed the CLA and made a PR on the official tiddywiki-com repo. 
When this PR will be accepted I will do a PR with the low level api to 
update saver priority.

What's next.
- code cleanup. I know that I use redundant functions, especially those 
(Base64ToUint8Array, Uint8ArrayToBase64, StringToUint8Array, Utf8ArrayToStr)
- Web3 and Ens support is my top priority as it's going to be broken soon.
- I would like to use the Ethereum encryption system to encrypt and decrypt 
either attachments and the main wiki (PKI).
I will start to prototype that with attachments only. Its a mid-term target 
as I have a lot of experiment to do.
Metamask is going to publish an api to support plugin soon as you can 
imagine there is a chance that the browser sandbox model will prevent the 
wiki to decrypt anything with a private key.
- I would like to experiment other web3 provider like Frame 
- More work around Ipfs servers, authentication, web socket, etc...
I'm looking @ and/or Provable 
- Multisig wallet for team work.

My target is to provide my community a way to store informations in a 
public or a private way over Ipfs.
I don't have any more a Facebook page or Linkedin account for instance, I 
only keep a twitter account for my professional activities,

This effort is part of a bigger project where Tiddly will be used as a 
medium of exchange between users in a resilient and secure way.

I'm very happy to participate in this community as I'm impressed by the 
quality of TiddlyWiki and its early Dapp vision.
I strongly believe that Ipfs and Ethereum will be a great plus.

I will be very happy if anyone could do some code review, make remarks to 
help and enhance the plugin.
I'm not a graphic designer so if someone want to do specific svg icons, it 
will be nice.
I'm also not a native English speaker, feel free to contact me if you read 
anything who could be enhanced.


Xavier from Auroville / Tamil Nadu / India

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