CC'ing the TigerVNC lists, since this may also interest some of those 

I believe that the latest pre-release of VirtualGL 
( should (with emphasis on 
"should") allow you to run compiz or other 3D WM's with hardware 
acceleration.  Currently, I have only tested this with TigerVNC, because 
TurboVNC lacks the X Composite extension (this has been identified as a 
hot project for the next release.)  I've also only tested it with Gnome 
under RHEL 5 and 6.  Feedback from users of other platforms is most 

To make it work with TigerVNC, I logged into the server locally, enabled 
desktop effects in Gnome, then logged out.  I then edited 
~/.vnc/xstartup, adding "vglrun +wm" in front of the two lines that 
contain /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc, and the next time I started TigerVNC, 
desktop effects were enabled in the VNC session.

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