XVnc identifies connection that is being currently queried with queryConnectId 
variable. That is void* actually containing pointer to TcpSocket allocated in 

The lower 32 bits are given to client in ProcVncExtGetQueryConnect:
  rep.opaqueId = (CARD32)(long)queryConnectId;

But in ProcVncExtApproveConnect the 32 bit number is converted to void* and 
compared as pointer:
  if (queryConnectId == (void*)stuff->opaqueId) {

In case of 64 bit system and when TcpSocket gets allocated on higher than 
0xffffffff address, the condition will fail and XVnc will ignore the 
connection approval.
Index: unix/xserver/hw/vnc/vncExtInit.cc
--- xserver/hw/vnc/vncExtInit.cc        (revision 5122)
+++ xserver/hw/vnc/vncExtInit.cc        (working copy)
@@ -1068,7 +1068,7 @@
-  if (queryConnectId == (void*)stuff->opaqueId) {
+  if ((CARD32)(long)queryConnectId == stuff->opaqueId) {
     for (int scr = 0; scr < screenInfo.numScreens; scr++) {
       if (desktop[scr]) {
         desktop[scr]->approveConnection(queryConnectId, stuff->approve,

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