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> There is use after free crash when client using zrle disconnects:
> ZRLEEncoder contains zos variable (rdr::ZlibOutStream) and mos variable 
> (pointer to rdr::MemOutStream).
> mos is always allocated in constructor (it could be a copy of static 
> sharedMos pointer if sharedMos != 0, but it is always 0). 
> When ZRLEEncoder::writeRect is called, any of zrleEncode* functions sets mos 
> as an underlying stream of zos.
> When ZRLEEncoder is destructed, mos is deleted (sharedMos is always 0), then 
> zos is implicitly destructed, but zos accesses it's underlying stream in it's 
> destructor!

Good catch. But I think we need to fix this more permanently than your
patch. With your change we rely on the destruction order of members in
the ZRLEEncoder class.

Not sure which approach is best for solving that. Perhaps we should
make ZlibOutStream tolerate not having "underlying" set at destruction,
and zrleEncode*() should reset it back to NULL before returning?

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