Hey guys,

I never got around to letting this list know about my Android VNC client
with VeNCrypt support. It has had VeNCrypt support for a long while now.

It's open source, and a few Android projects live in its source tree,
namely bVNC, aRDP and aSPICE. You can find the source code here:


In order to support VeNCrypt, I had originally ported parts of TigerVNC's
Java client to Android and was using it as an alternative back-end to my
original RFB back-end when users select VeNCrypt mode.

However, I recently implemented VeNCrypt support in my own back-end and
switched to it for performance and additional functionality, but I would
still like to make sure that it works well for everyone. Version 3.4.6 is
the one I've tested with TigerVNC on Windows and Linux, as well as x11vnc's
VeNCrypt implementation, and I'd like to invite those of you with Android
devices to test it as well and let me know if you have any issues.

It is available on Google Play:


or you can download an APK from here, but you won't benefit from automatic


If you would like to compare bVNC with the previous VeNCrypt implementation
based on TigerVNC's java client, you can use this older version here:


Looking forward to your input!


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