Hi all,

I was just informed that the central ETH IT took an issue with the
constant large bandwidth that the t@h server uses. In addition the
server is four years old and getting old and senile...

This means that end of February, the T@h server will be shut down and go
away. Unless a replacement server (&admin) is being found, that will
also likely imply that the T@H service will go away (together with the
tiles web server) at that point.

I have previously argued, why I believe that a t@h service is not that
crucial anymore, although I still believe it is good that it was
there. I am not sure if and what should replace t@h, but generally
speaking there are so many ways now to customize and get rendered tiles,
that t@h is a bit of a dinosaur. A fun one though :-)

I would like to thank the ETH Zurich, and specifically the Institute for
Cartography of Prof. Lorenz Hurni (http://wwww.karto.ethz.ch) that had been 
sponsoring the server and the bandwidth over
the course of four years. They have been very generous, and never
complained about the bandwidth/diskspace  we were hogging all the
time. Finally a special thanks to Claudia Matthys, their IT sysadmin who
helped to purchase, setup and administer the thing.

Also thanks to the legions of renderers, client developers, and style
tweakers, such as Bob Kare, Petschge, Dirk L├╝der-Kreie, the ROMA and
TRAPI developers, and the people involved in running the read-only
mirror architecture. That was and is amazing work that diverse people
have been putting together there.

I am not that much into mapping any more, but I will hang around and am
open to other fun projects.


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