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Hello Jose,

Try:    http://www.freqelec.com/prod_pdf/FEI%205680A%20Rb.pdf

Frequency Electronics Inc.  =  FEI

This .PDF may shed some light.

Be sure of the options you have. base unit has 15 VDC, other options use 
a different voltage
for power.

May have to go inside and solder a coaxial cable, to get the Ref. output 

If you need more help, send an email to the factory info desk.
They were quite helpful to me.

Stan, W1LE   FN41sr   Cape Cod

Jose Manuel wrote:

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>Hello all, this is my first participation here, as I´ve just joined this 
>interesting group.
>I´m trying to test a Rb oscillator FE-5680A, but I don´t have information 
>about the DB-9 connector pinout, because this model doesn´t have any rf out 
>coaxial connector. I hope someone can help about this issue.
>Thanks in advance, José, EA1PX
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