Someone asked about surplus rubidium stability.

Here are my results.

I had five Lucent Rubidium’s.  Three were from RDR in centennial, CO and two 
were from the Huntsville hamfest.

Before measuring stability, I ran them for a week on the bench.

Using A Lucent GPS and a HP 5370B counter I found all of mine between 200 to 
800 pico-seconds above or below 10 Mhz.

BTW one can still get the Lucent units (Rubidium and GPS) for $79 and shipping 
from RDR. I’m not knocking any other supplier but I feel that the Lucent units  
have more space for hacking so one could discipline the rubidium first and then 
apply it to the crystal Osc for better phase noise if needed.

One pays their money and makes their choices.



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