> Now all this is fine, and somewhat amusing, but it's not clear there is
> particular advantage. It's not as though there are piles of 5370s lying
> with dead or missing CPU cards. Or that it's impossible to deal with HPIB
> anymore. One interesting possibility is adding new front-panel accessible
> measurement functions. Since the emulator has complete bus access it can
> detect new key press combinations before the firmware does and go into a
> mode where it gathers raw TI samples, processes them, and puts the results
> in the display. When an existing key sequence occurs the firmware is
> resumed and it doesn't even know it was paused while the new function was
> running.

One thing that would be really nice is if you could do frequency readings
with a 10-second gate time, as opposed to the current maximum of 1 second.
That would make the LSD meaningful instead of completely random, as it is

-- john, KE5FX

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