Dear Time-Nuts,

(new at this list, but reading for long time excellent timekeeping & oscillator articles)

I sure would like a WWVB BPSK receiver for the new modulation. (..)

I'm sure in time there will be plenty of low cost ICs designed to receive the new signal, but my guess is that many Time Nuts would like to be in on the ground floor. Also NIST probably would like to get reports on the new signal when they do test transmissions.

How to move forward?

I have no experience with WWVB, since I live in central Europe, but some time ago I received quite well German DCF77 (77.5kHz) using absolutely simplistic circuit with no tuned parts except very tolerant ferrite rod antenna.

The point was direct sampling into an ADC and doing all the business in a SDR fashion. I wanted to do PRBS PSK tracking and also PLL-less clock disciplining this way, but there were another priorities, though.

However, if anybody would be interested in, I would be happy to return to these nice LF circuits.

Greetings from Marek

P.s> A very little bit from DCF77, but only the pre-SDR stage:

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