On Thu, 15 Mar 2012 22:51:55 +0100
Attila Kinali <att...@kinali.ch> wrote:

> > Of course I mean it should pick your 60kHz, as well as other systems known 
> > to 
> > me: Japanese 40kHz, 60kHz, Swiss 75kHz, British 60kHz and possibly others. 
> > Highly unsure about Russian 25kHz, even do not know, whether it is still on 
> > air.
> HBG has been switched of earlier this year. So DCF77 and Alison are the
> only time LF senders left in continental europe.

Err,, it's Allouis. Don't ask me where that Alison came from...

                        Attila Kinali
Why does it take years to find the answers to
the questions one should have asked long ago?

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