First let me say this is first time I have posted to the group so go easy on 
me. :)
Secondly I want everyone to know that you guys make me feel so NORMAL for
wanting to use and understand accurate timing devices.

I thought there was something seriously wrong with me now I know there are 
affected with the same disease. hehe

Now my questions.

1. Does anyone know of a device that will take a 1PPS GPS timing signal and 
generate a 32.768 kHz sine wave output ?
I have big digital clock that uses an 8 bit micro processor and an external 
32.768 crystal. Obviously the external crystal is
awful for accuracy.

I have searched every where using as many search terms as I can think of and 
can’t believe there is not a device that performs
this function.

I have found a couple of Epson RTC chips that might come close that 1pps but I 
don’t think that corrects the 32khz just the clock time.

2. 10 Mhz Freq Standard
I am not in the same league as the majority of the list members and just 
starting to dabble in GPSDO stuff.
I have tried to find a thunderbolt as a starting device but it appears those 
are either dried up or people want too much money.

I wanted to get the opinion of anyone who has tried the Leo Bodnar GPSDO ?
For the money it appears to offer a beginner a lot of features.

Thanks and reading the daily digest of what you guys are working on.
I have a feeling if I am not careful you guys could cost me a lot of money. hehe


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